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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Fastag Marketing at Tolls Parking Petrol Pumps Public Places for better services

fastag service toll online

Dear VLEs,
The Fastag service is gaining popularity day by day among VLEs. To create more awareness on Fastag, CSC team will conduct awareness and promotional campaign across the country.
CSC will offer the Canopy, Standee, Signage and 500 Broachers  for campaign. VLE needs to place the 200 tags order with us.  Coverage Required:-
         State Transport & IT Ministry office (Mandatory)
         Close to all Major Toll Plaza
         Major Parking
         Petrol Pumps
         RTO Inside if not ask VLEs to stay any outside area
Maximum amount to be reimbursed:-
1.       Canopy :                                              3000 INR (Sample enclosed final design to be shared by CSC as uniform branding)
2.       Standee:                                             1000 INR
3.       Banner:                                               1000 INR
4.       500 Broachers                                   1000 INR
Process for remuneration:-
I.                    VLE will place the 200 tags order
II.                  VLE will print all media and place the same at designated place
III.                VLE will fill the enclosed form and send it to HO with necessary document
IV.                Fastag central team verify the details and send it to account team
V.                  Account will pay the amount
Note:    Site of advertisement must be verified by any CSC representative or CSC 2.0 team.  No limit of number of advertisement once all above formalities are completed.
Click here for State Team Details:
Please download the  Fastag Marketing Material Reimbursement Form & Fastag sale charts files from
Team Fastag
 O11-49754975 extension number (262-263-274-275)

यह जानकारी ऑनलाइन csc spv के मेल से बताई गई है |
fastag यह सर्विस ऑनलाइन टोल के लिए है इसमें गाइड वाले को fastag खरीदना होगा और उस टैग को ऑनलाइन activate करवाना होगा या कॉम्मन सर्विस सेण्टर से activate करवाना होगा उसके बाद आप उस टैग को कार या बस हो या बड़ी गाड़ी हो उसके आगे लगाना होगा वो टैग आप के टोल पर सेंसर कोड से आप का टोल ऑनलाइन अकाउंट से कट जायेगा | बहुत अच्छी सुविधा है भारत सरकार की सर्विस हे सभी पर लागु है |

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